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Corette, USA

I live in Bozeman, Montana, the county seat for Gallatin County. I have a U.S. Department of Agriculture and Forest Service map for Gallatin National Forest in front of me. I do see a "Corette" on the map, southwest of West Yellowstone, MT. It's on Gallatin National Forest land, and it is not a town, village, or such -- at least not nowadays. The only thing near it are a couple roads. Right under it is a very short trail between the roads (not regular roads -- most likely logging roads). There's no indication as to what Corette is. Maybe it is the site of a family cabin? If the cabin was still there, there would be a marker, but there is none -- nada. I've never heard of it before. I don't know if you're Dutch, but quite a few Dutch settled and farmed in Gallatin County. Many live in the smaller towns of Manhattan and Amsterdam. Anyway, here's a straw to grasp: I'm going to try to get some email addresses for some Montana State University staff -- maybe in the geography and history departments, and send them your way. If you find anything out, let me know -- you've peaked my curiousity!

BronRobin Thomas ( - June 13, 1996

According to Precision Mapping v2.0, Corette, Montana, USA is indeed located at precisely 44 38 51N, 111 08 53W. It is located on Route 478 and has a railroad track just east of town. Here are some other facts: Corette is 2.435 miles WSW of West Yellowstone, 0.609 miles SSW of Railroad Summerhouse Area, 2.521 miles West of the Montana/Wyoming border and 3.841 miles ENE of the closest point on the Montana/Idaho border, all according to Precision Mapping. Now, who lives there and why...I have absolutely no earthly idea!!!

BronBron: John Alan ( - June 13, 1996

breedtegraad 44º38'51"N, lengtegraad 111º08'53"W, hoogte 6740
staat: Montana, county: Gallatin