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Het woord Coret

Deel van het genealogisch onderzoek richt zich op het achterhalen van de herkomst van de naam. Starpunt van dit onderzoek is veelal de het woord zelf. Door een simpele vraag (Betekent 'coret' iets in juliie taal?) te plaatsen in de discussiegroepen alt.culture.* kwamen de volgende betekenissen naar boven:

In Indonesian coret means to cross (to draw a line across). Unfortunately, I don't know where the word is originally from. To trace the root of the root of the Indonesian word I'd look into Spanish or Portuguese. Of course, Arabic and Sanskrit have a wide influence on Indonesian.

Bron V Menayang ( - Juli 8, 1996

In Malaysian language, Macmillan dictionary(student edition) definition of "Coret" are:

1) to sketch
2) depict in outline
3) make notes of

Bron Azhari ( - Juli 8, 1996

If I am not mistaken coret in Bahasa Malaysia...means 'write'.

Bron Jacquelin ( - Juli 8, 1996

Coret means "cornet" (small horn). In old french (very old indeed) cornet was the nickname for "marchand" (merchant). Today coret doesn't exist any more in french language.

Bron LoÔc Soriano ( - Juli 8, 1996

Closest in Welsh is cored (o pronounced as in orange, e as in egg) which means weir or dam.

Bron Hazel Marie Davey ( - Juli 8, 1996

In Bahasa Malay,
coret: 1. a long stripe.

This however is pronounced 'choret', with the 'ch' as in the English words church or lunch.

For a hard 'k' sound at the beginning, it's even less flattering:
koret: dregs, sediment.

Your name has three consonants separated by two vowels, which is a very typical Arabic word formation. Alas, I don't have an Arabic-Engliash dictionary to hand, otherwise I'd have a browse at that.

Bron John Lovie ( - Juli 9, 1996

A "coret" is a pond snail of the genus Planorbis. My dictionary doens't tell me where they use the word. I sincerely hope that isn't the derivation of your family's name...good luck in your search.

Bron David Allen ( - Juli 8, 1996

In Malay it means 'to write'

Bron - Juli 9, 1996

In Hebrew 'Koret' would mean 'cut off' usually in the spiritual sense.

Bron Moseh Shulman ( - Juli 8, 1996

In Slovenia, 'koreta' is a slang word for a car of bad quality (e.g. Yugo).

Bron Dalibor Cerar ( - Juli 8, 1996

I Mexico CORET is a sign on many houses and lots. It is an acronym for the agency or process of having inspected the site and included the data in national statistics, a sort of census.

Bron - Juli 8, 1996

It would help if you can show it phonetically. Is it pronounced Co Ret or Co Reh? It sound like "goreh" in Korean which means hill.

Bron Sukwoon Noh ( - Juli 8, 1996

In Norwegian spelling "Coret" would be spelled "Kåret" where the second letter (an "a" with a ring on top; I don't know whether you get this Scandinavian letter correctly) is pronounced like "o" in the English word "for".

The word "Kåret" means literally THE small house where a retired farmer and his wife was cared for by the new owners of the farm, usually their son and daughter-in-law. I suppose the word is connected with "care". The word has got status as a family name, although not a common one.

Bron Johannes Bremer ( - Juli 9, 1996

It's the Border Scottish pronunciation of "carrot",The closest Gaelic would be Cor Ad = Condition Hat. What that might mean I have no idea.

Bron Michael Paterson ( - Juli 8, 1996

Well, it aint my language, however i have heard "coret" in the sense "scribble" and "scratch" ...

Bron Gary Dean ( - Juli 9, 1996

coret (Indonesia) = strikeline (English)

Bron - Juli 9, 1996

Coret could be short for Corettai which means snore !!!!

Bron Pakkiri Pachiyappa ( - Juli 8, 1996

"kuratu" in Tamil means "snore"

Bron Rethinam Sabapathy ( - Juli 9, 1996

In the northern part of Romania, where the slavonic inflences are stronger, people use a regional measurement unit for weighting cereals - CORET. The spelling of letter T is with cedilla, and it's pronounced CORETZ. A CORET is equivalent to 100 hectoliters and a half. The word comes from Ukrainean COREC.

Bron Mihai (m.d.) Constantinescu ( - Juli 11, 1996

In Polish you would have Kareta (k) as the nearest possibility. Means caross (?), horse-driven wagon.

Bron J. Piasecki ( - Juli 13, 1996

Coret =cross out

Bron - Juli 19, 1996

"Coret" is the local name of a small village near Trento, in Northen Italy. It has only a few hundreds inhabitants. Official (Italian) name is "Coredo", but in local speech ("Nones", that is the language of the Val di Non -- a dialect of Italian with some remains of Latin and some German influences) it sounds as "Coret". A nice touristic place, for a stroll in the woods, and one of the sites of production of Mele Trentine (Trentino's Apples).

Bron Stefano Cirolini ( - Juli 9, 1996

In Catalan Coret would mean little or small heart. Cor = Heart, et = small/little. Coret sounds quite Catalan. However, it doesn't appear in the Barcelona Phonebook as a surname... so I would say your surname may be French.

Bron Ruth Inigo ( - Juli 12, 1996

There is a snake called "Coret" or "Koret" pretty common in Nepal, India. It is black in color and very poisonous.

Bron Arun Pandey ( - Juli 11, 1996

Well, I'm not an expert in arabic but in Hebrew I kow the root would relate to things written. 'Ani korei' means 'I write'.

Bron Michael Cooperman ( - Juli 11, 1996

According to Dr. Frans Debrabandere in his "Verklarend woordenboek van de familienamen in België en Noord-Frankrijk", surnames such as Core, Caure and their diminutives such as Coret(t)e, Caurette, Corrette (and, in my view, Coret) derive from Old French "caure" (N.B.: the Walloon word is "côre") meaning hazel tree. (Côre/caure is from the Greek korulos through Latin corylus, corulus same meaning.)

Bron Roch van der Mensbrugghe ( - Juli 10, 1996

Corylus colurna
Turkish Filbert or Turkish Hazelnut






Bron The Ohio State University

Your family-name has a meaning in Albanian only if C letter on your family-name is actualy a French C (you know the one with the 'thing' on the bottom). If it is such than it may well be Albanian. It means 'blind-man'. Most of Albanian family-names either show the region of where they're comming from or show something thet has characterised someone in their family. For instant my family-name is Cela (again with a french C) and means 'bold-headed' (which I am not :)) meaning that someone in my family has been bold-headed and quite popular.

Bron Kreshnik Cela ( - Juli 11, 1996

Although I am not a linguist, as far as I know "coret" doesn't mean anything in Turkish. However, if you read coret in English, it sounds something like k öret where ö is ano with two dots on it (like umlaud). But unfortunately, I don't know the phonetics for this. Anyway, k öret should be written in two words (k ör et) in Turkish and it means "Make blind". There is also ko"relt, which means "Make blunt". As a result, I don't think your name comes from a Turkish origin.

Bron Yesim Erke (ye00@Lehigh.EDU) - Juli 8, 1996

'Coret' means to scratch-out something. Example: Coret jawaban anda yang salah. Meaning: Scratch out your wrong answer.

Bron Zinger ( - Juli 9, 1996

In Indonesian, "karet" refers to stinginess.

Bron M.N. Beg ( - Juli 9, 1996

It looks to me like a name from a latin language, deriving from the Latin root 'chorus' (if I remember it well) related to music and singing. In Portuguese 'coreto' is the place in a public garden where the brass bands played on Sundays an holidays. They are small hexagonal stages with a piramid-like roof. They were built in iron and are quite beautifull. Every town has one, but they aren't much used anymore. Looking in my local phone directory I can find only one Coreto and one Coreta, but the name may be more common in the north of Portugal.

Bron Jose Lopes Moreira ( - Juli 9, 1996

In Portuguese there exists the word "coreto", which is a small usually permanent covered stage on a public square where local music bands perform on weekends and special ocasions.

Bron Dalica Dacol ( - Juli 9, 1996

I may propose to you one suggestion - in the Czech Republik, there not so unfrequent names like "Korecky" "Korcak" etc They are derived from a very old Czech/Slav word "korec"= a mesure of space, later also a measure of land, apparently it denoted somebody who received or had some land property, or wealth related to agriculture. Importantly, it was also related to measuring corn (grain) and was a frequent term used in *mills* that, I guess, is coincidentally quite pertinent to the Netherlands. Perhaps, this can be of some help.

Bron Vladimir Suchan ( - Juli 9, 1996

Your name is probably pronounced `Koret'. Koreto is a good esperanto word, meaning `little heart'.

Bron Jörg Knappen ( - Juli 9, 1996

I believe it's a malay word. the "co" is pronounced as in the word "chore" and "ret" is pronounced as "rat". It would imply drawing/sketching in a not-so-nice sense. Eg. if I were to say.."he vandalised the wall" in Malay I would use the word mencoret in place of the word vandalised.

Bron Jeannie O. ( - Juli 10, 1996

It rings no bell. It is certainly neither a German nor a French or English word. Try the scandinavian language. The ending there is something like the definite article for neutra, the equivalent to German "das".

Bron Krehbiel, Hanns ( - Juli 9, 1996

I'think your name "Coret" is pure catalan. the meaning may be "little chorus" or "little heart" "cor" can be chorus or heart, and the termination "et" is diminutive in neutral and masculine gender.

There was a priest, teacher of latin, and writer in Valencia named Cristofor Coret i Peris (1683-1760).

Bron C. Masabeu (cmasabeu@LANDER.ES) - Juli 10, 1996

Coret usually means "to scratch". I.e. scratching a word off from a book. Sometimes it can also mean "to scribble" or "to doodle". There are probably other meanings similar to the above. You know how words are. The exact meaning differs depending on the sentence and context.

Bron Tony Chen ( - Juli 9, 1996

In Indonesian language CORET means STRIKETHROUGH, so for example if one ofthe words in a sentence is "DICORET" or "coreted", this word is deleted or omitted or a line is given in the midle of the word from left to right.

Bron Pudji Widodo ( - Juli 10, 1996

Hmm... in the Finnish language there is a word "kori" and its plural is "korit". Kori = basket

There is also a word "korsi" and its plural is "korret". Korsi = straw

There is no letter "c" in the Finnish language so there is no word "coret" in the Finnish language.

Bron Jyrki Nuotio ( - Juli 10, 1996

In Indonesian, 'coret' means: to scratch / mark / delete (with pen or pencil).

Bron - Juli 9, 1996

In Bahasa Indonesia, it means "Slashed out / Mrked out / Erase off"

Bron - Juli 10, 1996

In the Indonesian language, 'coret' means to scribble, as in scribbling notes etc.. I hope this info will help. Cheerio!

Bron A. Muchtar ( - Juli 10, 1996

I'm Rebeca Ten and I come from Valencia, where we speak Catalan. The word "coret" means "little heart" in Catalan.

Bron Rebeca Ten Lloria ( - Juli 10, 1996

The very obvious meaning of "coret" I can think of is "graffiti"

Bron Super Jun ( - Juli 10, 1996

C'est dans le petit Larousse: nom masculin, chapeau cloche en toile.

Bron Jacques Rouillard ( - Juli 10, 1996