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The Crew Answers Internet Questions

Bob Coret of The Hague, The Netherlands, asks:
I'm following your activities via the Internet. Real Audio and Video show NASA TV and the JTrack Java applet shows the current position of the Columbia and Mir. Are you aware of the fact that the Internet makes it possible for the whole world to follow the mission? What do you think about this?

Rick Searfoss replies:

View of Tampa Bay

Yes, we are aware of that. In fact many of the electronic still camera photographs that we're sending down of our Earth observations are out on the Internet and in particular, and our particular launch time and launch inclination is giving us great views of the United States, so we're, of course, trying to get down pictures of various cities and geographical features in the United States. I think, personally, that it's fantastic that those that are interested in space exploration and the program that's going on can just, with a couple of clicks on their computer, get to real-time data and information about what's happening. We really do a lot of exciting things up here on the missions, but the word doesn't always get out in a very timely basis to the folks that are interested. We appreciate their support, and keep following us on the Internet.

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